The WRTA has announced an affordable public transit service in Shrewsbury called Via WRTA! 

How does Via WRTA work?

Think of us like a shuttle that comes when you want, where you want.  Give us your pickup and dropoff addresses, and we’ll provide a few ride options.  Choose the one that works best for you and we’ll send a driver your way. Rides are just $2 dollars!

When can I ride?

Our service hours are 7am - 7pm, Monday-Friday.

Where can I ride?

Anywhere within the zone outlined below.

Via WRTA Zones

How can I book a ride?

Download the Via App on your iOs or Android device or if you don’t have access to a smartphone you may call us at (508) 388-6620.

How to create an account.

Search “Via” in the App Store or Google Play store and tap the download icon, or just click here.

Open the app, press Sign Up, and enter your personal info.

Enter your credit or debit card info.

How to book a ride.

  1. Enter your pickup address and press Set Pickup. Hit the + sign if you want to bring extra passengers along!
  2. Enter your dropoff address and press Set Dropoff. 
  3. Choose the trip option that’s best for you, then tap Book Ride.
  4. Follow the dotted line in the app to get to your exact pickup location, which may be a short walk.
  5. We’ll display your driver’s name, vehicle model, and license plate info to help you locate your ride.

Questions? Get in touch.


Phone: (508) 388-6620