Small Home Repair Group

Small Home Repair

The Shrewsbury Small Home Repair Program is a FREE service that assists residents age 60 and over with small repairs related to safety concerns in their house or apartment. Currently, there are 11 volunteers who provide these services. ALL volunteers are CORI checked and wear photo-ID name badges. This service is coordinated through the Outreach Coordinator and the Council on Aging's Volunteer Coordinator. Requests will be screened to determine if it is within the scope of the home repair program. 

To make a repair request, contact:

Renee D’Argento, Outreach Coordinator, Shrewsbury Council on Aging

(508) 841-8647

All materials must be paid for and purchased by the home owner. 

For some jobs, there are times when a resident doesn’t have the materials required on hand, or may not know what is needed. The volunteer would visit your home to determine what materials may be needed. If you are unable to pick up the materials:

  1. The volunteer may agree to pick up any pre-paid items at the store; or 
  2. By mutual arrangement the volunteer may purchase the item(s) for you and then you can provide reimbursement to them later.

 Examples of eligible safety-related projects include:

  • Installation of grab bars
  • Repair of handrails
  • Repair of a stair or deck boards
  • Changing batteries in smoke or CO detector
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Installation and removal of air conditioners
  • Repair or installation of weather stripping
  • Tightening bolts on a toilet seat
  • Affixing house numbers on house

Examples of work that cannot be performed include:

  • Services requiring professional licensure such as electrical, plumbing or extensive carpentry
  • Building a handicap ramp
  • Painting
  • Yard work or shoveling snow
  • Washing windows
  • Moving furniture in and out of a home