Fuel Storage Licensing

A Fuel Storage License is granted by the Board of Selectmen after approval from the Fire Department and a public hearing. For any questions related to licensing, please contact the Board of Selectmen's Office at 508-841-8504. 

A license is granted by the Board of Selectmen and then is recorded in the office of the Town Clerk. From the time of its granting by the licensing authority, a license is deemed a grant attached to the land. A license is not a personal privilege.

 A certificate of registration must be filed annually on or before April thirtieth by the owner/occupant of the land who holds (exercises) the license. The Town Clerk's Office sends renewal forms to each land owner with a fuel storage license on March 1st annually. 

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 148, Section 13 establishes the procedure under which local licensing authorities may grant licenses for the storage of flammable combustibles and explosives on the land. City and town clerks are required to maintain records of licenses that have been granted. Licenses must provide particulars on the license in such detail that the quantity of material, any restrictions imposed on storage, and the location of the licensed land will always be a matter of public record.