Route 20 Corridor Improvement Project

Shrewsbury Route 20 Corridor Improvements Project

Project Purpose and Need

Improve traffic safety for all road users including non-motorists, reduce high travel speeds, accommodate future traffic conditions with respect to the planned developments along Route 20, and improve congestion issues.

Existing Conditions

  • Route 20 between the South Street/Green Street intersection and Valente Drive intersection is currently an undivided three and four lane arterial carrying approximately 23,000 vehicles per day with substandard shoulder widths
  • The intersections of Route 20 with Valente Drive and with Walnut Street have high crash rates
  • The corridor has a high potential for fatal and injury type crashes
  • No pedestrian or bicycle accommodations are present

Proposed Improvements

The project includes the following main construction elements:

  • Roadway widening for a sidewalk on the north side of Route 20, and a Shared-Use-Path on the south side
  • The addition of an eastbound travel lane from South Street/Green Street intersection to the Lumber Liquidators driveway
  • Traffic Signal improvements at the South Street/Green Street intersection
  • Left Turn lanes from the South Street/Green Street intersection to the Commons Drive intersection
  • A raised median separating eastbound and westbound traffic from the Sunbelt Rentals driveway to Valente Drive
  • The addition of a roundabout at the Lumber Liquidators and Rent-A-Fence driveways
  • The addition of a roundabout at the Valente Drive intersection
  • Managing access for many of the driveways along the roadway. The proposed roundabouts will facilitate the left-turning movements that will be restricted.
  • Crosswalks across Route 20 will be provided at the two proposed roundabouts and traffic signal at South Street / Green Street.
  • Other proposed improvements include signage, pavement markings, guardrail, retaining walls, storm drainage, and stormwater management infrastructure. 

Anticipated Project Milestones

  • Design Public Hearing Anticipated Summer 2023
  • Project Advertisement Anticipated Summer 2026
  • Begin Construction Anticipated Fall 2026