Business Improvement District Feasibility Study

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

  • it is a special assessment district in which property owners vote to initiate, manage and finance supplemental services or enhancements above and beyond the baseline of services already provided by their local city
  • For more information please use this link for more information,

The Town of Shrewsbury in partnership with property owners and business organizations in Town have begun work to create a sustainable effort to ensure vibrant commercial districts. We believe now is the time for property owners, institutional partners, nonprofits, and commercial tenants to work in collaboration to help commercial districts reach their full economic potential. We know to successfully compete, we must create districts that are attractive to visitors, business, residents, and investors.  We believe in this vision, and we need you to be involved in bringing it to fruition. 

Over the next several weeks a series of focus group meetings will take place with property owners, businesses, nonprofits and other stakeholders to hear your ideas and suggestions on the types of programs and services you think will add value to your properties, tenants or businesses. We want to know what we could do to enhance the experience of your tenants, customers, and visitors and create a special destination in the Town Center and the Lakeway Business districts. 

Please email for any questions you may have!   

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