Donahue Rowing Center Advisory Committee

Committee Members
  • Dave Carlstrom, Chairperson
  • Sue Falzoi, Secretary
  • Robert Cox
  • Angela Snell, Staff Liason
About the Committee
The Donahue Rowing Center Advisory Committee works with the Parks and Recreation Commission to formulate operational guidelines.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Advocate for the program amongst other boards, governmental bodies, foundations and the like
  • Conduct fund raising for special projects and facility improvements
  • Consider special matters relevant to the facility and programs. Recommend appropriate policies or actions
  • Define and stimulate Quinsigamond Rowing Association participation, soliciting advice and support
  • Define tenant rights, restrictions and obligations
  • Encourage tenant input and arbitrate grievances
  • Perform periodic review and evaluation of policies and operations. Identify and prioritize short and long range needs
  • Plan and promote special events
  • Plan, promote and implement public rowing activities
  • Recommend annual operating budget and schedule of rental fees
  • Represent the Donahue Rowing Center to other groups and organizations and to the public
  • Under the general direction and supervision of the Town Manager, the DRC Boathouse Advisory Committee to the Parks and Recreation Commission, shall formulate operational guidelines (building access and schedules, rules, staff responsibilities, maintenance requirements)
  • Work closely with the Director of Parks and Recreation to coordinate administrative and supervisory efforts