Lead, Rechargeable, and Car batteries

Justin Nietsche will accept the following - $10 per appointment
  • Lead
  • Rechargeable
  • Car batteries
To schedule a pick-up, please contact Justin Nietsche at 774-272-0148.

Button batteries

The Shrewsbury Health Department will accept the following - free of charge
  • Button batteries (found in watches or hearing aids)

Lithium batteries

  • These are hazardous and cannot be placed in your rubbish. One suggestion, is to contact New England Disposal Technologies (NEDT) - they are a state permitted, pay-as-you-throw household hazardous waste collection center in Sutton, Massachusetts. 

    Please contact them directly at 866-769-1621 for pricing. It varies by product.

Rechargeable batteries

  • The Home Depot, 530 Boston Turnpike has a return program by their Courtesy Counter - free of charge

Alkaline batteries

  • Are not hazardous and may be disposed of in your rubbish.