Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

Light Bulbs:
  • Round bulbs (ie. 60, 75, etc. watt bulbs): Wrap to prevent breakage and place in your Pay As You Throw (PAYT) rubbish bag.
  • CFL bulbs (ie. the small curly bulbs): Return to The Home Depot courtesy counter, located on 530 Boston Turnpike.
    They have a return program.
Fluorescent Tubes (up to 4 feet in length): 

Shrewsbury residents may return to Rocky's Ace Hardware, 261 West Main Street, Northborough.


  • Please wrap Fluorescent Tubes to prevent breakage
  • Broken tubes will not be accepted
  • Be prepared to show proof of residency
  • There is no fee for this service
Rocky's Ace Hardware has been a tremendous supportive community partner and resource, as we continue to ensure that mercury is properly removed and disposed from our environment. Shrewsbury residents may also purchase Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) trash bags, and bulky waste stickers (for items that weigh over 20 pounds) at Rocky's.

Fluorescent Tubes (OVER 4 feet in length): 
Tubes over 4 feet in length are considered commercial size): These contain mercury.

Residents may contact New England Disposal Technologies (NEDT). They are a Household Hazardous Products Collection Center located in Sutton, MA.

Please call 866-769-1621 for pricing and hours of operation.