Water Conservation Tips

How Much Water Can We Save Indoors

The following chart highlights how much water can be conserved by installing water-saving equipment in place of conventional plumbing fixtures, fittings and appliances:

Water Use

Fixture/Fitting/Appliance Water Use in Gallons
Vintage toilet*
4 - 6 per flush
Conventional toilet**
3.5 per flush
Low consumption toilet***
1.6 flush
Conventional showerhead
3 - 10 per minute
Low-flow showerhead
2 - 2.5 per minute
Faucet aerator
3 - 6 per minute
Flow regulating aerator
0.5 - 2.5 per minute
Top-loading washer
40 - 55 per load
Front-loading washer
22 - 25 per load
Dishwasher 8 - 12 per load
* Manufactured before 1978
** Manufactured from 1978 to 1993
*** Manufactured since January 1, 1994

Indoor Water-Saving Tips

  • A little leak can go a long way. Just a slow drip can waste up to 15 to 20 gallons a day! Most leaks are caused by worn washers. Check all the faucets once a year.
  • Many washing machines use 40 gallons of water for a load whether you have them stuffed full or with only a couple of socks. Save up for a full load and make your water work more efficiently. Or remember to set your machine for a lesser load if it can be adjusted.
  • Showers can take less water than baths, but not if you spend 10 to 20 minutes in the shower. Since most showers pour out between 5 to 10 gallons per minute, that can add up in a hurry. It's more a matter of self-control. A partially filled tub or a shorter shower will no doubt use less water. Time yourself next time, the odds are you really don't need to stand that that long nor do you need the shower running at full, hot blast.
  • When shaving and brushing our teeth, try not to leave the water running. Run as much as you need, then turn off the tap until you need some more. It adds up to a whale-of-a-lot of wasted water.
  • When preparing a landscape plan, include alternatives to grass such as ground covers, wood chips, stones, or natural features. Keeping a lawn green and healthy requires more water. Consider a patio or rock garden as an alternative to grass.