Sharps Disposal

Medical Waste - Community Sanitation

Image of a pile of loose needles - also known as sharps. Bring awareness of proper disposal methods.
There is a state-wide ban on the disposal of needles, syringes, and lancets (collectively known as "sharps") in household trash took effect. Residents can no longer dispose of these items through the household trash.

Proper Disposal

Shrewsbury residents can dispose of sharps at the Shrewsbury Health Department.


  • Sharps must be in a tightly sealed puncture-proof container. Individual or loose sharps will not be accepted. The Health Department reserves the right to refuse containers that are not deemed safe.
  • You must be a Shrewsbury resident. Please be prepared to show proof of residency.
  • The Health Department has a roster for Shrewsbury residents to complete (i.e. address and number of containers). This information is strictly for tracking volume and budgeting purposes.
Residents are also encouraged to check with their healthcare provider for other proper disposal options.

Non-residents should reach out to the Health Department within their own community for safe disposal options.