Print from Anywhere

Use this page to send a print job to the library's printer from anywhere! You can use your computer from home, your laptop in the library, or your mobile device from anywhere you may be.

How to Print

There are 3 main ways to print your documents:
  1. Send items to be printed through our Patron Printing services.
    1. You will be required to provide an email address.
    2. From there, simply upload your document or enter the URL of the webpage you wish to print.
  2. To print an email or attachment, simply send or forward the email to the print release station.
  3. To print from a mobile device, download the mobile printing app for iOs or Android. These apps have access to any Printer On mobile printer, but the print release terminal at the Shrewsbury Public Library is listed under "SPL Main Branch."

Retrieving Printed Materials

You may retrieve your print job from the Shrewsbury Public Library's public print release station during normal library hours. Simply enter your email address to retrieve your job.


All print jobs cost $0.15 per page and are in black and white.