Recreation Facilities

Parks Facilities

Facility Address
Arrowwood Park Arrowwood Ave, off S Quinsigamond Ave
Dean Park Main Street
Edgemere Park Edgemere Blvd, off Route 20
Gauch Park Corner of N. Quinsigamond and 62 Main St
Greylock Park off N. Quinsigamond to Phillips Ave, to Avon Ave
Hillando Park Hillando Drive, off Walnut
Hills Farm Corner of Stoney Hill and Deer Run
Hills Farm Pond Stoney Hill Road, off Route 20
Ireta Road Park Ireta Road, off West Main Street
Jordan Pond Florence St, behind Coolidge School
Lake Street Park Lake Street
Maple Ave Fields Maple Ave
Melody Lane Melody Lane, off Route 140 South
Municipal Fields Municipal Drive, Near Paton School
Northshore Fields Parker Road, off North Quinsigamond
Prospect Park Prospect Street (Formerly Masonic Property)
Rotary Park Pond View Drive, off Old Mill Rd
Tobin Hills Tobin Hill, off Walnut Street
Ternberry Audubon Drive, corner of O'Donnell Ave

School Facilities

Facility Address
Beal School Maple Ave and Hascall Street                         
Coolidge School May/Florence St, off S. Quinsigamond
Floral St School 57 Floral Street
Sherwood Middle Sherwood Ave, off Oak Street
Shrewsbury High 64 Holden Street
Oak Middle 45 Oak Street
Paton School Grafton Street
Spring St School Spring Street, off Prospect Street

Other Facilities

Facility Address
Corazzini Boat Ramp North Quinsigamond Ave
Donahue Rowing Center North Quinsigamond Ave
Oak Island Boat Ramp Route 20, across from Edgemere Blvd.                                   
Town Common Corner of Main Street and Route 140

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