Criminal Offender Record Information

The State of Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (C.O.R.I.) Unit provides C.O.R.I. to board-certified, on-criminal justice agencies, such as:
  • Day care centers
  • Home health aides
  • Municipal government agencies
  • Schools
  • Youth athletic coaches

Personal Criminal Record Requests

Individuals may also obtain a copy of their personal criminal record from the C.O.R.I. Unit. Excluding law enforcement agency requests, the unit processes an average of 100,000 requests per month.


This unit also assists in correcting inaccurate criminal records, investigates complaints of improper access to or dissemination of C.O.R.I., and provides legal assistance on matters relating to the C.O.R.I. law to:
  • Judges
  • Police
  • Prosecutors
  • The public

More Information

For additional information, please contact the Criminal History Systems Board's C.O.R.I. Unit at 617-660-4640 or contact the Shrewsbury Police Department at 508-841-8577.