Educational Access Channel

Shrewsbury Education Television (SETV) 29/329 Schedule
SETV-29 - Shrewsbury Education Television program screenshots
Educational Access Channel
SETV Channel 29/329 is Shrewsbury's Educational Access Channel. Programming is only available through Shrewsbury Community Cablevision.

SETV is an educational resource that provides access to education information via cable technology for the Shrewsbury community.

In October of 1996, Shrewsbury Educational Television, Shrewsbury Media Connection (SMC) and the Education Television Studio (ETS) at Shrewsbury High School partnered to create a separate access channel dedicated to educational access. This channel is the home of all Shrewsbury Public School programming. SETV Channel 29/329 also cablecasts programming produced outside of the town from various sources. The programming on SETV Channel 29/329 is targeted to the community at large to meet the educational and informational needs of the residents of the town of Shrewsbury.