Applying for a License

You may apply to the Board of Selectmen for Licenses, or changes to Licenses for the following:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Sales/Service (On or Off Premises)
  • One Day Alcoholic Beverage License
  • Common Victualler (Restaurant)
  • Class I or Class II (New or Used Car Dealership)
  • Garage (Service of Vehicles/Storage) 
  • Dealer of Precious Metals (Junk License)
  • Livery
  • Auction/Auctioneer
  • Entertainment (Sunday and Weekday)
All applicants must complete the following forms:

  • Shrewsbury Application for License
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Affidavit
  • Original Hard Copy of All Submitted Licensing Documents, One (1) Additional Copy, and One (1) Digital Copy (emailed or on disk/ USB) 
Please contact the Board of Selectmen Office for all additional requirements for the license in question, and complete the proper application.

Once a license has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Selectmen, the License and regulations for the particular license must be posted on the premises in a conspicuous place. 

Please call the Board of Selectmen office with any questions.

NOTICE from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission:


Beginning Sunday, November 19, 2017, the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission will no longer accept paper checks as payment for applications and permits. Payments must be made on-line by using either a personal or business check (ACH). Once your on-line payment is completed, you must print the confirmation receipt and then include that receipt with your application to the Local Licensing Authority.

To locate the on-line payment link, go to their website:

Certificate of Good Standing required beginning March 1, 2018

In order to confirm that all licensees and applicants are in compliance with Massachusetts tax laws, a Certificate of Good Standing (“COGS”) from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue will be required for the following transactions submitted to the Local Board beginning March 1, 2018:

  • Transfer of License (certificate must be in the current/seller licensee name)
  • Change in Beneficial Interest
  • Pledge of License
  • Change of License Class (Seasonal, Annual)
  • Change in License Category (Wines and Malts, All Alcohol, etc.)
  • Change of Entity Name (certificate must be in the current corporate name)
  • Change of Corporate Structure (certificate must be in the current corporate structure)
  • Addition of a Management Agreement
  • PLEASE NOTE: a new licensee does not require a COGS

An applicant can obtain a COGS by visiting the Department of Revenue’s website:


Licensing Documents and Information: