State Home Care Services

Massachusetts has an Aging Service Access Point (ASAP) Network that administers a home care program run through 27 assigned ASAP agencies throughout the state. Each office covers a group of cities and or towns.

Shrewsbury is covered through Elder Services of Worcester (ESW) (formally ELDER HOME CARE) in Worcester. They can be reached at 508-756-1545.


To be eligible for the State Home Care system via ESW, you must have a number of physical impairments, as well as a critical unmet need. This would include being:
  • Bathe or dress yourself
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Get transportation to dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy
  • Unable to prepare meals

Maximum Income Limit

There is also a maximum income limit for the State Home Care Program. (There are other programs that ESW offers where this does not apply).


Fees are on a sliding fee scale, with a suggested donation for clients on welfare. ESW works closely with the Visiting Nurse Associations and other Home Health Agencies to coordinate services. It is strongly recommended that you call ESW first if you have a critical unmet need to see if you qualify, as your services will be the most comprehensive if done through their agency.

Private Home Health Services

If you are found to be ineligible or know that you are ineligible for ESW, you may purchase services privately through the same agencies that ESW and the Visiting Nurse Associations use.

ESW can usually provide a list of their vendors upon request.

Services can range from homemaking to skilled nursing. The phone book lists various agencies in the area overall to choose from. Fees are usually based on a sliding fee scale and rates will vary depending on the level of care that is being requested.

Private Cleaning Business

If you are primarily just looking for cleaning, there are many area businesses to choose from. There are listings in the phone book of businesses you may wish to call.

You can expect such a business to probably charge $10 and up per hour per worker. A company may also charge per job, versus days or hours involved.

Newspaper Ads

You may also choose to look for companies that may cater especially to the needs of seniors in the local newspaper, or smaller papers, such as:
  • Community Advocate
  • Senior Advocate
  • Shrewsbury Chronicle
  • Weekly Flash