Scams, Fraud & Deceptive Practices

What are some typical areas where scams, fraud & deceptive practices may exist?

  • Chain letters
  • "Free" prizes, sweepstakes and vacations which require you to send money
  • "Guaranteed" investments that offer high yields and/or high interest returns with little or no risk
  • Home repair and driveway paving offers that you did not initiate
  • Insurance agents who keep approaching you to switch policies or buy new ones
  • Investments in:
    • Commodities
    • Foreign lotteries
    • Gas/oil futures
    • Gold and jewelry
    • Options
  • Loan offers received in the mail, by telephone, etc.
  • Magazine offers which stress additional benefits
  • Opportunities for "instant" wealth and success
  • Telephone and door-to-door requests for donations to charity (including on behalf of local police, fire and veterans organizations)
  • Television infomercials for:
    • Exercise equipment
    • Health and beauty aids
    • Home and auto products
    • Psychic intervention
    • Wealth and success (must send for course t send for course materials)
  • Work at home opportunities

When to Contact Help

Contact the following people or agencies if you:

  • Are unsure about any offer you see on the television, on the Internet, or that you hear on the radio
  • Receive mail or telephone calls that you am not absolutely sure of
  • Somebody comes to your home and asks for a donation or offers to provide a home repair service or pave your driveway

Who to Contact

  1. Talk to someone you know and trust
  2. Call the Senior Fraud Prevention Hotline at 1-800-297-9760
  3. Call the Shrewsbury Police business line at 508-841-8577
  4. Call the Better Business Bureau at 508-755-2548
  5. Call the Office of the Attorney General at 508-754-1176 for information and advice