About the Committee

The Finance Committee is established under Chapter 39, Section 16 which requires every town whose property valuation exceeds 1 million dollars to have such a committee.

It is the duty of the Finance Committee to:
  • Advise and make recommendations to town officers, town meeting members, boards, committees and departments
  • Consider all municipal questions relating to administration, finance, budgets and other municipal affairs
  • Control the town Reserve Fund
The current structure of the Finance Committee was established with the adoption of Article 23 of the General Town bylaws initially on December 11, 1920. The committee consists of 9 voters appointed to 3-year terms by the Town Moderator. 

Section 3 - Article 3
"The Finance Committee shall consider matters relating to the appropriation, the borrowing and the expenditure of money by the Town, its indebtedness, the methods of administration of its various offices and departments, property valuation and assessments, and other municipal affairs and may make recommendations to the Town or to any town board, officer or committee relative to such matters".

Section 4 - Article 3
"The Finance Committee shall duly consider the annual budget prepared by the Town Manager and may confer with said town boards, officers, and committees and may hold hearings if they deem it advisable. The Committee shall thereupon approve or disapprove the amount, in whole or in part, of the appropriation so requested. The Committee shall furnish to the Selectmen on or before April 1st of each year, a report of the matters so considered by it, with recommendations or suggestions relative thereto, and the same shall be printed and ready for distribution at the annual Town Meeting. Report of the Finance Committee as published in the Town Report shall contain a statement of the doings of the Committee during the year, with such recommendations and suggestions as it may deem advisable on any matter pertaining to the welfare of the Town".

Section 5 - Article 3
"Articles in town warrants involving the appropriation of money shall be considered by the Finance Committee, who shall approve or disapprove the same in whole or in part, and shall make report to the voters with such recommendations or suggestions as the Finance Committee shall deem advisable".

In addition to those duties set forth in Article 3, the Finance Committee serves as in effect a standing committee of the Town Meeting and has control and responsibility over the Reserve Fund established by the Town Meeting pursuant to General Laws Chapter 40, Section 6. This fund is used by the Finance Committee to provide for urgent and unforeseen circumstances and to allow immediate expenditure of funds in the event of an emergency. This saves time and expense of calling a special town meeting for small needs.