Permitting Fees

Water & Sewer Permits

Water & Sewer permit fees for both residential and commercial projects are based on the value of the work to be performed as outlined in the Rules & Regulations.  Links to both the Water and Sewer regulations may be found in the Connection Resources below.  The fee is calculated based upon the total cost listed on the Application for Permit by the applicant.

Permit Fees

Permit - Water Fees Description
Water Conservation $1,000 Water conservation fee applies to all new residential connections.
New Connection Fee* $4,000 For each connection into the Municipal Water System (single-family).
Install/Repair/Replace  $100 Permit fee for new connections, repairs, and replacements.
Disconnect/Reconnect $100 Permit fee to disconnect or reconnect a water service.
Fire Line $100 Permit fee to install a fire line.
In-ground irrigation  N/A
New connections for in-ground and garden irrigation systems are prohibited.
Meters ** variable
5/8" - $350.00, 3/4" - $400, 1" - $450.
Fees Description
New Connection $100 For the construction of building sewers and for connections to common sewer.
Repair/Replace $100 Must be obtained for repair work to existing sewer service connections.
Disconnect/Reconnect $100 Permit fee to disconnect or reconnect a sewer service
Lateral $500 Fee for an existing lateral installed by the town
Inflow & Infiltration *** $1,320/bedroom Fee for all new sewer connections on new construction.
Assessment $0.50/sq. ft assessed area Applies to sub-divisions-based on $0.50 per sq. ft of assessed area
Betterment **** $6,000 min Applies to properties fronting on a public or private right-of-way in which a public sewer is constructed within 100 feet of the street lot line.


*See Water Rules & Regulations for other applicable rates.  Deferred Water balances are to be paid prior to issuance of a water connection permit

** Please note meters over 1" to be purchased & installed by contractor or plumber per Water Div. meter specifications 

***  Commerical I & I to be calculated by projected estimated flow (GPD)

**** See Sewer Rules & Regulations for other applicable rates

Water Conservation Fee

Effective February 24, 2003, the Board of Selectman has instituted a $1,000 water conservation fee for all new residential connections. The intent of the fee is for the money to be used in water conservation measures to reduce the consumption of water in the community. The reduction of consumption will aid the town in remaining in compliance with state water regulations while allowing additional users to connect to the system, otherwise, additional connections may not be allowed in the future.

Cross Connect Devices

Cross Connect (or Backflow Devices) are required for commercial properties, fire sprinklers, and some residential applications.  These devices are subject to the initial inspection, and an annual (sometimes bi-annual) reinspection fee.  Please review the documents below and contact the Shrewsbury Water Department with any questions.

In-Ground & Garden Irrigation Systems

Also, on February 10, 2003, the board voted to prohibit new connections to the municipal water system for in-ground and garden irrigation systems. Outdoor water use, specifically lawn watering, is causing water demands in town to exceed our state water withdrawal permit. With all the new home construction in town, underground sprinkler systems are now commonplace in most subdivisions. Of the 200 largest residential users in town, the overwhelming majority are newer homes with underground systems. These high flow figures are causing undue strain on the water system and a burden to the majority of our customers who only use nominal additional water in the summertime. Again, we ask all our customers to use water conservation daily in their household usage and we thank our customers presently observing these practices.

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