Drain Layer Information

Drain layers are registered plumbers, and competent contractors licensed by the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and bonded to lay drains in the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

In order to be on the Drain layer’s list, licensed by the Town of Shrewsbury, applicants must submit the following to the Water & Sewer Division:

  1. Either a completed New Drain Layer Application or a Renewal Application online through the Town's Permitting Portal, available here 
  2. Bond stating Water, Sewer or Drainage Work in the amount of $5,000.00
  3. Certificate of Insurance, No less than $1,000,000 Public Liability and Property Damage Each
  4. Licenses Fee: $50.00 for the calendar year
  5. Three Letter’s of recommendation (required for New Drain Layer applications)

Note:  The Certificate of Insurance must run for the entire calendar year.  If the applicant’s policy does not run from January to January the Water and Sewer Division will require a letter from the applicant’s insurance company indicating that coverage will renew when the policy expires or notify the Town in advance that they are not renewing.

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