Green Communities

green communitiesThe Town was officially designated as a Green Community on December 27, 2018. The process to become designated as a Green Community began through the Town Meeting authorization to adopt the Stretch Energy Code through Article 3 on September 6, 2017.  Additionally, the Office of the Town Manager worked with the Board of Selectmen to adopt a Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy and Energy Reduction Plan for town operations. This work led to the Town’s application for designation as a Green Community in October of 2018. The Town is dedicated to reducing energy consumption by 20% by the year 2023. Click here for more info on the Green Communities Division:   

Green Communities Grants Received

Date Amount Details
December 2018 $183,411 List of projects funded:
 -6 buildings around town have had new insulation including the west and east wings of Town Hall
-Weather stripping done in 4 buildings
-All light fixtures replaced in Parker Road Preschool (from fluorescent to LED)
-Large fan motors in the roof units at the High School have been replaced with upgraded boiler controls
*The Town will save approx. $50,000 a year in energy savings

September 2020 $184,302

List of projects funded:
 -$130,000, Parker Rd Preschool -Rooftop unit replacement
 -$27,897, High School, Field House LED lighting
 -$6,110, High School LED lighting
 -$1,895, Town of Shrewsbury Building operator certification training
 -$12,400, Floral St. School -LED lighting
 -$6,000, Oak Middle School-LED lighting

February 2022 $146,604 List of Projects Funded:
 -Building Operator Certification (BOC) $4,060.00
 -Spring Street School Water Heater Replacement $16,044.00
 -Shrewsbury High School Door Weatherstripping $4,968.00
 -Town Hall LED Lighting updates $54,917.00
 -Senior Center LED Lighting Updates $41,615.00
 -Shrewsbury High School Electric Charging Station (rebate) $15,000
 -Replace Two Hybrid Police Cruisers (rebate) $10,000.00